Computer or Phone Can’t Connect to a Public Wi-Fi Network

Let’s have a look at the method to Do When Your Computer or Phone Can’t Connect to a Public Wi-Fi Network using the simple trick that will help you to resolve connection problems, So have at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

we believe that all of you would be familiar with the Public Wifi networks that more often are found on the railway stations, bus stands out even in the malls etc. These are kind of free networks through which any nearby people could access the internet all for free of cost. But talking about the strength and connectivity of these public hotspots, many people tend to find the issues connecting to these. As restricted to only a few controls, users get disturbed and leave the network without connecting, this happens due to the complications that are faced while making the connection. Certainly what actually causes some users to not connect to these networks could not be easily understood by the common person. To help the users know about the actual cause of this connection related issues, and to help out the users sort out these issues we have written this article. Under this article, we have provided the essential important information regarding the working if the public networks and about the cause and fix of establishing connections. Just read out the article if you wish to know about the solution to the connection of Public Networks!

What to Do When Your Computer or Phone Can’t Connect to a Public Wi-Fi Network

The method is quite easy and simple and you just need to follow the below guide that will help you to connect to any of your public networks. So follow the below guide to proceed.

First of all, we should know how the Connection establishes with the public protocol:

Whenever any new person tries to connect to the public Wifi, that network redirects every web browser to the captive protocol page. It is that common login page that attempts to connect the browser to the network. Once this protocol is fulfilled through filling the details, the network access switches on. Not every website requires this protocol for accessing the internet but only the stores with HTTPS security. With the growing technology each and every non-HTTPS website is forced to behave like that. So talking in nontech words we would say that this protocol forces the captive protocol.

Why do the websites not connect?



Any websites that are Using HTTP protocol and are certainly not forced by the SSL technology to behave as a HTTPS website, it doesn’t recall the captive protocol hence no verification and login page arouse. This leads to the issue of connection establishing and no network access is gained.

What has to be done to Redirect to the captive protocol:


The process is really simple and the users could easily call the login page for making the connection to the Internet or the public Wifi. Just fill in the “” and go to this address through your web browser. This will launch the captive protocol from where the connection could be done with the public Wifi after filling in the required details. 

So finally you are now known about the whole working process of the Public Networks and Wifi hotspots. Also, you have got the easy fix to the issues caused while establishing the connection to such networks. We hope that you liked this article, please share your opinions in the comments section regarding the article if you do like this article! As techviral team will be always there to assist you in any of your technical issues. Also share the articles with others too.

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