How to Get MAC-Like Touch Bar on Android Devices

Learn how to Get Mac-Like Touch Bar on Android Devices that will give your android an amazing look that will help you to access the user interface with great ease. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

 In the all new MacBook devices later this year the Apple had introduced one great hardware feature named Touch Bar. This is a kind of colored bar placed above the keyboard that can be used to control various different functions through touch. This all new invention was incredibly useful and the users no more required to follow through various different functions to access any options or features. This is like a gesture control panel that lets to assign any action to it which can be then carried forward in a single touch. Now, this was the hardware bar that is available on the MacBook devices, but can it also be utilized and moreover installed on the Android devices too? This could be hard to find any relation to this aspect with the small screen smartphones running on the Android. But still there are some ways through which Mac like Touch bar can be installed on these portable devices, and this will be not the hardware touch bar but virtual bar inside the Android system only. Here in this article, we have written about all those steps and the easy method through which the Touch bar functionality can be enforced within the Android system. Just take the tour of this whole article to know about it.

How to Get MAC-Like Touch Bar on Android Devices

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to install one android app that will help you to implement this. So follow the below step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

Steps to Get MAC-Like Touch Bar on Android Devices:

#1 First of all, you need to go to the Settings of your Android device from where you have to head to the Security settings. You will reach the screen from where you can easily implement various features and switch them through the toggle buttons. All these features or functions will be related to the Security of the device. We will be installing an app from the internet through any unknown resource so you need to check that the Unknown Resources option is enabled inside the Security Settings.

#2 Using this Link, just install the Touchbar for Android app. Permit every asked permission and then carry forward to the procedure. Now open the app and enable all the permissions inside it. This step is necessary and you make sure that every permission like Screen Overlay, Write System Settings and Do Not Disturb Access is granted access.

#3 There will be an another option while you are on the same screen as in the above step, it would be named Activate Touchbar. Ensure that you hit over the toggle aside to it and hence grant it the access too. This will be later on adding the Touch Bar feature to your Android device.

#4 Finalize all the settings made in the above settings and then close the app. Your device will now be running the Touch Bar in the Background and you can access it anytime through swiping above on the screen. Alternatively, you can also access it by touching the bottom region of the screen.


#5 The Touch Bar will contain option like WiFi, Bluetooth, Screen Rotation, Brightness and Sound settings and you can control all these easily and quickly from anywhere. Several other features are also dubbed inside the app which will help you transform your device control ability, which means you can control your device functions through single hand access.

For those users who are using the large screen devices and are finding it difficult to attain the flexible single handed access to their device functions, the Touch bar can actually help them. This bar can be inserted inside any android device but preferably it should be installed on the larger screen device through using the above method. The smaller screen devices would cover large display due to the touch bar. Ending with this much, we would say that Mac-like touch bar is a really awesome addition to the Android devices. We believe that you will like this article and you won’t find any issues related to this method provided over here. Just suggest us your opinions regarding the working of Touch Bar on Android through the comments section below!

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