How to Remove Watermark from Photos Quickly (4 Methods)

Watermarks are specifically used to safeguard the owners’ authenticity, barring others from making use of these images without their permission. It may happen so, that you need to use some images urgently in your presentation, but there are watermarks present on them. People in marketing often undergo such situations wherein they need to edit a picture owned by the company, but are unable to access the original. Thus, you must know How to Remove Watermark from Photos.
Sometimes it is much easier to buy the picture if it is a stock photo. But in case you cannot afford it, and keeping the value of time in mind, there are certainly quick and easy ways to remove the watermark from the photo.
Read on to know these simple methods.

Inpaint by Teorex


Inpaint is a highly advanced and innovative picture editor that saves a considerable amount of time in removing unwanted objects from images.
To remove watermarks, use the following simple steps:
  1. Open the image that contains the watermark, in Inpaint. Alternatively, you can go to this link. This is the Web version of Inpaint.
    On opening Inpaint, you will notice several tools on top and left of the screen.
  2. In this step, you need to pick the watermarked area of the photo. To effect this, use the “Marker” tool, present in the left toolbar. It looks like a crayon being used on a piece of paper. You may also use the “Magic Wand” tool to select the watermark in one click.
  3. Now you need to restore the image. For this, click the “Erase” button in the top toolbar. This will process the image and remove the watermark.
As evident, this is a very fast method that helps get your work done in a few minutes.

Photo Stamp Remover

Photo Stamp Remover is a specialized program from SoftOrbits, designed to Remove Watermark from photos. Let us see how you can use it.
  1. You need to upload the picture with watermark first. Use “Add file(s)” option in the top toolbar. Photo Stamp Remover also allows you to select multiple photos, as it has batch conversion mode.
  2. Use the “Marker” tool to select the watermarked area. The icon for this tool features a marker with blue rim.
  3. After selection, use the “Remove” button in the top toolbar to remove it.
    These three steps do not take long, seconds or minutes, depending upon on the number of photos.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop (versions CS5 and later) supports a feature called “Content-Aware Fill,” which shall help you save a lot of time, and gets the job done 9 out of 10 times.
Follow these steps to make use of the feature, and get watermark deficit photos.
  1. Launch Photoshop. As always, you need to open the photo from which watermark is to be removed.
  2. The left toolbar has a “Spot Healing Brush Tool.” It has a bandage over a white spot in its icon.
  3. Check the radio button for “Content Aware” on the top toolbar.
  4. Use the cursor to move the brush carefully over the watermark. The “[” and “]” keys could be used to increase or decrease the size of the brush. Thinner lines may require thinner sizes of the brush. Moving over the watermark will erase a portion of it.
  5. Continue doing it over all of the watermarks, until it is erased completely.
If areas of the watermark are large, use the “Lasso” tool.
  1. Select the “Lasso” tool in the left toolbar. It looks similar to a cowboy lasso.Step
  2. You need to drag a lasso around the watermark. Position the cursor on the border of the watermark, and drag around it.
  3. Open the “Fill” menu by pressing “D” on the keyboard.
  4. In the “Use” drag-down menu, select “Content-Aware.” Next, click “OK.” This will cause the watermark to blend with its surroundings, and it will be removed.

Alternative ways

The watermark, if present on the corners, or near the borders, could be cropped out using any simple photo editor. Or, you may use the “Snipping tool” in Windows to take a screenshot and edit it. Mac users can tap on “command + shift + 4” to use a screenshot tool to the same end. Though you lose a part of it, this method maintains the spirit of the photo.
Try and find a version of your photo with no watermark. You can drag your image to the Google image search bar, and find an alternate version in the results. Popular free photo sites like Flickr and FreeImages may also help in this case.
There are other online tools like Pixlr and Photoupz which also prove useful to remove watermarks. You may get them free of cost, or sometimes they require a license for the product.
However, the above-mentioned methods will nevertheless prove very useful to Remove Watermark and will consider both time and quality in their operation.

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