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Amazon Festive Riddle Answer And Win 1 Years Free Shopping On Amazon

Amazon Diwali Festive Riddles Answer And Win

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Amazon Festive Riddles App Quiz Contest (Answer Added) 11th OCT Win 1 year free shopping
Amazon Festive Riddles Answer and Win Free One Year Free Shopping Answer Here

1. Spread me Like a Carpet if You Must. If you Step on me Though, I will turn to Dust. What am I?
Answer : Rangoli

2. I have Black & White Teeth but am not a living thing. What Am I?
Answer : Harmonium

3. I come after a sea and Rock, epsom, bath & Table. What am I?
Answer : Salt

4. I am made of Sugar and soda but you shouldn’t eat me. I hiss & slither but i cannot eat you. What am I?
Answer : Snake (Firecracker)

5. I have a head, a tail but no legs.I Travel widely.What Am I?
Answer : Coin

6. I have a King & a queen but am not a kingdom.What am I?
Answer : A deck of Cards

7. i’m tall when i’m Young,i’m short when i’m old. What am I?
Answer  : Candle

8. Round and Round but never off the ground. What am I?
Answer : Zamin chakri

9. I am a kind of Coat that can only be put on when wet. What Am I?
Answer  : Paint

10. I appear everywhere accept in the dark. What am I ?
Answer  : Light

How To Participate Festive Riddles
1. Download Or Sing in Amazon Ap
2. Now Click On App Treasure Hunt Banner 
3. Scroll Down And Click On Below Image Festive Riddle "Play Now"
4. Answer 10 Question Correctly to Eligible To Lucky Draw
6. One Lucky Winner Win Free Shopping Worth Rs 1,20,000 For One Year 
7. Winner Received Prize Before 30th Dec 2017

Contest Last Date 11th OCT 2017

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