Droom Super Sipper Next Sale: Water Bottle At Rs 29 [25th July 11 AM]

A good news for all Droom lover. Droom Super Sipper Sale is coming.Buy Water Bottle at Just Rs 29. Here are the Booking trick and tips. Droom Next Flash Sale is on 18th April. At this time on Droom Flash Sale they give water Bottle at just Rs 29.
Last time they give Helmet at Rs 29 and then they increased its price to Rs-79. Droom is a genuine website and its many people receive products from Droom Flash Sale.


  • Droom Supper Sipper Sale – Water Bottle At Rs 29
  • Sale Date – 25th July 2018.
  • Time- 11 AM to 7PM ( Till Last Stock)

Droom Flash Sale: Supper Sipper Sale

Droom Super Sipper is a new flash sale event on Droom Official website. In Droom Super Sipper Sale, you can buy a good quality water bottle at just Rs 29. It is very cheap and, really, has a good quality. The sale is on 25th July 2018 at 11 AM to 7 PM till the last stock.Once you booked the bottle in super sipper sale, you have to pay Rs 29 immediately. No need to pay a delivery charge, just pay Rs 29.

The original price of the bottle is Rs 499 and the deal price is Rs 29. As the summer is coming and everyone is looking for a good quality water bottle which keeps the water cool for a long time. It is the best way of promotion. The bottle has a Droom.in Logo.

Registration For Droom Super Sipper Sale

The registration has been started for Droom Super Sipper Sale. To buy Droom water bottle in Droom Super Sipper Sale, you need to register first.The registration process is very simple and it takes few seconds. Just follow the steps given below.

How To Buy ?

Step 1]. First Go To Droom Super Sipper Sale Page
Step 2]. Enter your name, email and phone number.
Step 3]. Click on Register Now.
Step 4]. Now add in your Kart and Proceed next.

Step 5]. Now Apply Code: 25JULYSIPPER09 to get Discount
Step 6]. Now Pay Rs 29 and sipper is Yours.

Tips To Buy on Droom Super Sipper Sale

It is very tough to buy things on flash sale.Only a few people get the product and rest of them trying their luck on next sale. Here some tips that you just need to follow on Droom Super Sipper Sale.
Tips 1] First you need a fast internet connection.
Tips 2] Your device must be in good condition and browser must be up to date.
Tips 3] Come online 10-15 minutes before the Droom Super Sipper Sale.
Tips 4] Must see the timing at last minute before the sale and just a few seconds before the sale, refresh your page.
Tips 5] Pay the required amount as fast as possible.
The above tips are some general things that we must follow before any flash sale. Everbody knows these tips but it still creates a problem in booking due to heavy traffic on the website. Due to large traffic on a web page, the website gets slow down.So, you need to be fast.

Terms and Conditions of Droom Super Sipper Sale

Here are some terms and conditions that you must know before buying a water bottle on Droom Super Sipper Sale.
  1. Droom is not responsible for any kind of damage, quality, ISI Authencity.
  2. The water bottle consists of “Droom.in” along with Eco-System services” Logos.
  3. It takes 7 or more days to deliver to your doorstep.
  4. Droom can cancel your products without giving any reason.
  5. For Any kind of Support related to Droom flash sale, you can call Customer care (Toll-Free): 1800 407 070707
  6. Read all the T&C- Here

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