WhatsApp Trick Lets You Text Loads Of Messages At Once

A GENIUS WhatsApp trick lets you message loads of people at once without setting up another Group Chat.
The little-known 'Broadcast' feature will send the same message to lots of contacts – and only takes a few seconds to set up.

It's a much better alternative to Group Chats when you're just trying to tell people some information quickly.
For example, maybe you want to announce some news – like an engagement or a birth – to lots of people at once.
Broadcast Lists are a great way to avoid having too many Group Chats.
Importantly, no one else sees the recipient's replies.

"When they reply, it will appear as a normal message in your Chats screen," WhatsApp explains.
"Their reply will not be sent to other recipients in the Broadcast List."

How to create a Broadcast List

If you're using an iPhone, simply open the app and navigate to the main Chats screen.
Then select the Broadcast Lists option – it's under the giant Chats logo near the top.
Next, tap New List at the bottom and select a few contacts who you'd like to contact en masse regularly.
You can create several lists, so don't get too hung up on who is in your first list.
Once that's done, you can tap into a list and send messages to all recipients.
They'll receive the messages in your standard chats with them.
For Android users, the process is very similar.
Open WhatsApp, then go to the Chats screen and tap More Options > New Broadcast.
Then tap the + icon to choose recipients from your contacts list.
Tap Done then tap Create, and you'll now have a new list of broadcast recipicents.

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